Audio Recording of Rebellion by Jeremy Munro

10:40 minutes (14.64 MB)

Recorded at 10:49 PM on 3/22/11 with my crappy laptop microphone (which isn't half bad apparently).

From the Rebellion Chapter of The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

I like Ivan. I don't know why. Probably due to some sort of laceration or hipsterness. I felt like I could take a lot of liberties with the presentation as Ivan is in delirium especially in the later stages of the novel. I had him shift rapidly from the dramatic, to the serious, sarcastic, witty, and delirium.

At first I just wanted to do the part about the child getting torn apart by hounds, but I started reading and didn't want to stop. I hit the end of the chapter. This was attempt four at recording. Might do another one more polished with a better microphone. Not sure.

What Punk Rock Means to Me by Jeremy M.

5:03 minutes (6.94 MB)

So I got bored during all this time of rain and just started ranting to my computer mic. Musical sounds behind are Minor Threat songs.

What Punk Rock Means To Me.


cherry in the well recording

4:48 minutes (4.4 MB)

i decided to strangle my reservations and it wasn't that hard- so here's a recording of a project i like to call Liquid Meter and the Leaky Quartet. it's a raw recording with my neighboorhood noises (i think a few chirps).

the lyrics are as such:

death be kind and ignore all my crying. i know you got a lot of pleas but replace my old ones for these. come when you may and tell my mother i sent you away. death be kind forget me


i gave it a title so it's called cherry in the well

there are a lot of versions of this song i hope i can one day really reify it

alright, see ya

A Discourse on the New Beat, the Nature of Rebellion

9:07 minutes (12.53 MB)

Sound quality is eh, turning down volume helps.

Done off the top of my head.

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