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Lucubrations New Issue (Fall 2010 Issue 1)

Lucubrations Issue The first Fall issue is out. Highlights of this issue are a memorial to Professor Marvin Sweet (1953-2010) , a series of Jazz Photographs by Professor Ed Gleason, a stop action video by Monica Rosario, some amazing photos of sheep by Prof. Kimberly Kersey Asbury, student work from Mixed Media and Ceramics classes, and our Cell Phone Photo feature. Plus much much more. Check it out!


Lucubrations is a Cultural Magazine for the Saint Anselm Community. It publishes creative work in any medium, including art, music, photography, film, poetry, literature, philosophy, and commentary. We welcome participation from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the monastery.
"Let us bring to daylight the impulses of midnight contemplation."

Fall 2010, Issue 1



Mixed Media Spring 2010
3D Wall Gallery
of snapshots by Sarah Burns


Summer Images 2010
by Prof. Kimberly Kersey Asbury


Rachelle Beaudoin
Chris Cadena
Hannah Doucette
David Banach

      iPhone Photo by 
      Rachelle Beaudoin


Student Art
New in the Art Section

Prof. Voelker
Prof. Asbury
Prof. Beaudoin
Lorraine Kulik
Mixed Media Spring 2010
Oral Interpretation 2010
Ceramics I
Will Suglia

Special Topic: Defending Dominic Hall from Zombies
by Chris Cadena

Painting 2010

The Hardcore Language Divide

Essay by Jeremy Monro on the phonetics of screaming.
Be True Theater Company
Review of Three One Acts
Three short plays by
a new company started by alumni fill Comiskey Theater
and provide laughs
and insight.



Justine Johnson

compilation of her works, new and old


Marvin Sweet Marvin Sweet:
In Memoriam

 Marvin Sweet

Celebration of Life
Memorial Service



Piercing Portraits, the Body as Canvas
at Starving Artist by
by Prof. Elsa Voelcker

The Sketchbook Project

St. Anselm is doing a Sketchbook!


Lucubrations Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 2010)

Lucubrations Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 2010)


Lucubrations Issue I, Volume 1

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Random images

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