A Hardcore Christmas

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There is this awesome compilation of Christmas music by pop punk/hardcore/acoustic bands or guys called No Sleep Till Christmas. This is a hardcore rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It starts off pretty normal. I laughed the first time I heard it.

Folly "Broken" Song Review


Folly Review


Jeremy Munro





“Each lasting memory, will control each word that I write, and I used to think my hands could dance”

Lacerating Lacerations.



There is a ghost outside my window.


With each passing day

Moving forward, never stopping

In every single way

Hopelessly losing, coming to acknowledge

What it means to be human.


Or at least, my own brand of humanity.


Lacerating Lacerations

Close Your Eyes Review by Jeremy Munro

Close Your Eyes Review


Jeremy Munro


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I think the most adequate way to describe Close Your Eyes is with the words from a flier I have hanging on my wall in my dorm:


“100% Spirit Filled-Hardcore”




“For fans of 'A Day To Remember', 'Comeback Kid', and 'Rise Against'”


I agree with this little flier in that fans of ADTR and Comeback Kid would love them. I'm not sure the average Rise Against fan would though. Rise Against is really popular, not sure they would like the hardcore element of Close Your Eyes, though you never know. The obvious reason for Victory Records to mention it on the flier (which incidentally is the label they are on, hence the flier) is that it is eye catching, especially since everyone and their mom loves Rise Against (Siren Songs of The Counter Culture is an extremely solid punk album). This review isn't about Rise Against though, it is about Close Your Eyes and why their simplicity makes for a great and successful band. Their first album, We Will Overcome, is full of hope and inspiration for anyone. I highly recommend it.

Close Your Eyes has a really unique style even though they sound simple. They combine three major things that don't really seem like they go together:

                  1. Hardcore – Obvious I know. Simple scream style and really thick, chugging, almost cliché? Breakdowns.

                  2. Pop Punk/Vocal Harmony – Essentially they sing a lot, they actually sing more than they scream, which isn't that unique but its still awesome.

                  3. Christian Lyrics/Message – Yep. They go that far. Most Christian bands suck, in fact almost all Christian rock bands specifically are really bad and are too simple lyrically I find. But Close Your Eyes doesn't really mention God at all, they just are super positive. They could be talking about God or Jesus, but they rarely bring it up. Overall they are just a really positive band when it comes to their lyrics.



The first song I'm going to showcase by then is called “Song For the Broken”. I'd love to hear what people think about this song, but personally it is definitely in my top twenty of favorite songs. It really appeals to my sense of taking an active role in rooting out evil in this world, but I'll let the song speak for itself. Note the gang vocals/anthem embedded in the breakdown near then end and how right after the breakdown the singer sounds so much more sad and dwells on the words a bit more when he goes back into the chorus. The video I linked is also the music video, which is worth watching. The singer has really good presence I think. I can and have cried singing this song. Its freaking powerful.




We’ll scream it loud!
This is a melody; it’s time to sing it out
So give us words before we all forget!

This is where I lift my hands and say enough is enough!
So many people are broken and they’re not getting up
This is our offering; this is our hope!
This is what we believe in, and we’re not giving up
This is our song

So sing out loud a chorus for us.
It’s all too much; I can feel my lungs collapse on me
Bitter soul why are you weeping tears that fall only for you?
This is our song

So sing out loud a chorus for us
It’s all too much; I can feel my lungs collapse on me

This is my worship; this is my life
To bring hope into this broken world
This is my worship; this is our worship!

This is our song
We’ll scream it loud!


The next song is “Friends are Friends Forever”. It is again really simple, there are some gang vocals and breakdowns at the end. Protip: most of their songs are that format, some people might think it gets old, but I find each of their songs to have something unique. Especially if you are a fan of lyrical content.




Can you tell me how this ends!
I've never been so close to anyone, that's you
It feels like I'm dreaming, don't wake me up!

Today is for believing
And I am on my last breath
(My last breath)
The end seems so stale
I voiced my love to inhale
I'll be alright
As long as your here by my side!

Stand Strong
When knowing so much more
You're so much more than I deserve!

You're always there to lend a hand
That's why I'll be right here next to you until the end
Never giving up
You're always there, to lift me up!
When times stand tough!
When times stand tough!
Hopes and dreams they are shared by you and me
This is where I want to be, you are my family

Stand Strong
When knowing so much more
You're so much more than I deserve!

You and I we built this together
Through every practice, this is ours to make or break
Through all the blood, the sweat, the tears
Everything's been worth it!
And I will protect us
Until my last dying breath



I won't leave you, here alone!
We stand by each other
I won't leave you, here alone!
We stand by each other


In summation, awesome band, super inspirational (though simple) album. Victory Records made a good move picking these guys up last year for sure. Victory Records is full of good ideas. Especially considering A Day To Remember is so huge, but that opinion of mine can be for another time.

Please let me know what you thought of this/the band/music/life in general. I love to talk about this kind of stuff. Also I'll probably be doing reviews weekly/bi-weekly/monthly of all sorts of music depending on what people want.

What is Your Most Liberating Experience?

     The other day I found myself being asked in class “What was your most liberating experience?” I never got a chance to answer, though people in my class said a lot of good (if not cliché) things like graduating high school, getting a driver's license, or in one case starting kindergarten. I was hesitant to speak up because mine is so weird and so out there, I wasn't sure anyone would understand. My most liberating experience ever was when I played with my band in Rockport, MA over the summer.

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