Cell Phone Feature for Fall Issue 1

We do everything else on our cell phones. Can we use them to make something beautiful?

We are looking for either artistic cell phone pictures or poetry created as text messages.

 1. Send us your artistic cell phone pictures (the blurrier the better). Video is welcome too.cell

email them to editor@lucubrations.org

(or register for the site and upload them yourselves at http://lucubrations.org )










2. Tweepetry


textSend us your great works of poetry or whitman
literature in 130 characters or less.

You can send them to to editor@lucubrations.org or tweet them from your twitter account with the tag #tweepetry at the end.

(or register for the site and post it yourselves at http://lucubrations.org )




Random images

  • NOV_20101206_0910.JPG - By: dbanach
  • banach-2279.jpg - By: dbanach
  • Mixed Media-2010-802.jpg - By: dbanach