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Folly Review


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“Each lasting memory, will control each word that I write, and I used to think my hands could dance”


One of the biggest tragedies of my life is that I never got to see Folly play. I owe this band so much, but sadly they no longer exist.


      Folly does something really weird in the hardcore genre. They combine elements of Hardcore with the guitar upstrokes of Ska. Its really odd because one minute they will be doing the whole crazy breakdown thing and then it goes into ska dance upstrokes which sounds absurdly happy. As far as I could find out, when Folly was a band they toured like crazy. Folly to me, is all about just spreading their message and energy to the youth that understood them everywhere.


I'll be focusing on their album “Resist Convenience” specifically what is arguably their greatest song “Broken.”


Their other albums are also top notch, “Insanity Later” and “These Are Places We Broke Down In” are also awesome albums.





     This song is a masterpiece of hardcore and is in my top ten for greatest hardcore songs ever. It is 4 minute 29 second epic. The song starts with a intro that seems to call everyone to order and pump the feeling up. Folly is all about the emotion. Then suddenly the intro stops and moves forward to the singer just screaming with as much force as humanly possible. In my mind I visualize just the forces of the world bowing down for a second while humanity takes 4 minutes and 29 seconds to not care about the questions that bother them and just become the moment. A ska breakdown follows which cuts the mood in an almost awkward way. After this the song goes back to hardcore and gang vocals follow “We're reborn each time we breathe.” Then repetition follows and another hardcore breakdown just goes down along with some more vocals. The song proceeds into its second ska breakdown and then everything slows down and gets super dramatic.

      Then the singer talks saying “Each lasting memory, will control each word that I write, and I used to think my hands could dance.” Then the song prepares to come to its climactic conclusion where the singer admits the person he sings about was never a crutch. As someone who sings hardcore, I can just imagine his face and mind right there, it sends chills down my mind just imagine screaming “YOU WERE NEVER A CRUTCH” with as much feeling as possible. Man, I'd feel so human right there. Things keep going insane after that with the last words of the song being “I'm Broken.” The song imagery is pretty boss too.

This song is truly a masterpiece in my mind and here check it out for yourself:



Quick note on the lyrics versus the version of the song I linked, they are a bit different the only good quality version of the song I could find was the 2002 Demo version not the 2006 Resist Convenience version. So there might be some discrepancy.




Breathe me in, like air innocent.
My fingers bleed.
I've been writing too much.
Preventing these words from searing my battered throat.
And I can't even scream so I sketch your face.
Each line was a cry.
Each curve bore blindness.
Prevent my arms from failing.

Limitless expressions to your face I can't conform,
But give hands the chance voice wouldn't have.
It was the first time that our words kissed, but our lips, they didn't even touch.
No skin on skin.
The first time in my life that I existed.
And each time that we breathed, we were reborn.
We're reborn each time we breathe (x3)
These nights were gaining strength yet losing ground.
A short-lived grace (x2)
Your tongue!

I taste your ways with a pen in my hand, in my hand, in my hand.
I taste your ways.

Well, in a matter of time my life went from day to night, incriminating textures.
Where on earth did you go?
What happened to us?
With this retouching paint, I will use a brush, apply it to your canvas.
This was once a beautiful painting.

Each lasting memory will control each word that I write.
And I used to think that my hands could dance.
I only needed to hold myself up.
You were never a crutch as you tore me away like this fringed papers' edge.
You were never a crutch

You were never a crutch.


Each lasting memory will control each word that I write.
And I used to think that my hands could dance.
But now I see my hand's been broken for quite some time.
These memories impale the senses to this day.
I'm broken.


I'm very interested to hear your opinions/questions/comments, so you totally should say something if you read this! Even if you call them just noise.




Other Folly songs can be found at:




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