By dbanach - Posted on 16 February 2010

This was a mix from my Tolstoy Lecture of Katy Perry,Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga illustrating how they all used the same techniques of drving rhythm, suspended dominant chords, and vigorous autotuning. I claimed these all express the religion "Something is missing in my life and the yearning I feel fills my whole consciounsess, the whole world. If I could just get what I want (the boy, to dance, the cool car, etc. ), I would be complete and the world would be me."

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hello- i have trouble when using the create audio link. i browse and choose a wav file, select save, the internet the says done. however nothing shows up on the site? what do you suggest

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When you say nothing shows up on the site, you mean the player doesn't play it, right?




wav files can't stream in the built in flash player.


There should be a little download link under the player, where you should be able to download the file or play it in windows media player or whatever player is the default for your browswer.


I would recommend converting wav files to mp3s using this free converter before uploading and then they will stream fine in the flash player.


Let me know if you don't see any player or download link when you uplaod a wav file.


I would convert to mp3 first though.

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