By Staff - Posted on 08 April 2010


An Abstract History

It began with the burning of journals and discontent with a misunderstanding of every book I picked up. It was truly a baptism-of-fire, that first day of Humanities. I gave up on writing down the words that my professor used whose meaning I did not know. On the one hand, I gave up from weariness. On the other hand, I couldn’t really spell any of them anyway. Now that I have been inaugurated into stupidity, I NEED TO GET OUT! Understanding arises from continual expression via dialogue which results in the falsehood of every utterance. (I may be pessimistic, but you should join the site and set me straight.) But, did I say the dialogue was wrong? Did I say that the experience of the begetting of the soul was wrong? Well, I didn’t. That’s the beauty. Let us sit down together at these funny little computers and defy space and time. Let us pick up during the day the impulses of midnight contemplation. Let us together find solace in the disembodiment of pixels and keys. Ah! But alas, this will never replace the silence between two friends in mutual understanding and forgetfulness of the conversation they just had. And yet, when the silence is broken by creative thoughts, one should not hoard them with greedy palms, but send them to this wonderful little site, this diamond in the rough!


1. What is this Place?

Lucubrations is a Cultural Magazine and Community. It is here to allow thoughtful creative people of all types to share their work, ideas, and comments in any medium in both informal and formal settings.

2. What can you do here?

  • -See what creative people in the community have been doing and thinking.
  • -See upcoming events and news in the arts and related areas and read reviews of selected events.
  • -Share your poems, essays, thoughts, reflections, art works, photographs, music, video or anything else that can be transmitted in an electronic form. Submissions are continuing. You can post directly to the sections or submit via email (editor  if you are not a member. Periodically, there will be digest issues on the  front page containing the editor's picks. You can subscribe to these via email as well.
  • -Share links, videos, and music or any other content you think people might be interested in.
  • -Post cultural events of all sorts, on campus and off, to our calendar.
  • -Post ongoing reflections and works in progress in a safe non-judgmental environment. Members have access to a members only Freedom section and a personal blog they can restrict to the audience they want. Members can also post in the public sections under a pseudonym.


3. What is a lucubration?

The word lucubrations is based on the Latin word lucubrare and means study by candlelight, nocturnal study or meditation, and the writings or thoughts that result.

and through the utterance of the similar thoughts, the island that i was once on begins to stretch a little longer, expand a little wider in order to make room for another. we share, we lament, we transgress something that we felt we were alone with. we express and connect. we understand.

Random images

  • Fall Day 2 - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • Shakespeare 2010-3913.jpg - By: dbanach
  • 2010-June-5202.jpg - By: dbanach