By Kathleen Masterson - Posted on 18 April 2010

Quiet your mind and listen.

Listen to the rain.

Listen to the trees.

Listen to the wind.
Listen to the resolute beat of your heart and its congruity with all life.

Listen to the life that is outside of yours yet beautifully entangled within it.

Listen to your spirit.

Hear it and know that you are home.



Doña María's picture

breath struggles to terminate,

yet men this truth deny




pharynx, tongue




shaping words of infinity,

the greatest



This morning I tried to clear my mind. I've been struggling with the ontology of painting. I need to clear my mind and focus and try to just experience. This morning I couldn't. It was so difficult to get the clutter of everything out of my head- the work I have to do, the quiz I just took, the last few weeks, the cars around me. I gave up and decided I would try and find it later. This is just what I needed. Beautiful Kathleen.

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Just after I read this a patch of blue sky opened up in my back yard for the first time in days. I'm convinced that this is what did it.

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