By Doña María - Posted on 19 May 2010

looking through old documents; three excerpts


Liquor breeds sad eyes.
They become transparent to the turmoil in the head.
The eye brows slant slighty upward and in.
A little red wraps around the oval. They look through you.
The stuttering, doesn't impede your understanding of their torture.
Sad eyes scream, piercing your heart.
Look away, look back, you can't decide if its fair,
to break down and cry yourself.
Would they understand? You can't help it.
The tears are not selfish, the drops are to heal.
To whisper silently love is here.
Let go of past, let go.
But beer breeds bitter thoughts,
and sometime a brute.
Liquor brews violence in a peaceful man.
Liquor sharpens nails on a gentle hand.
You can say its a different way,
but you see the hate building up,

destruction, decay.


oh the spiral into gray
when my love for you is so black and white
oh the downfall, the weak walls
of my scantily guarded mind.
so permeated
the gates obey the devil's command
gaping and embracing the darkest of enemies
civil war oh civil war....
it is all civil war


And as I lay myself down
on a cold bed
a soft fire is lit
and your ghost is beside me
resting peacefully
just as warm as reality
some nights i can do this
someday it’ll be forever
comfort without effort
till then ill wait for the edge to blunt
and let the meaningless hand strike
knowing seconds are senseless
in love's sunlight


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