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Review: Be True Theater Company Night of  One Acts at Comiskey Theater at Saint Anselm College

bannerSeptember 4, 2010; A Night of One Acts featuring:
A Charm of Powerful Trouble: Written and Directed by: Kaitlin Burroughs with Assistant Director Katelyn Tustin
The Roadhouse in Arden: Written by: Philip Moeller and Directed by: Shannon O’Hearn
Bob’s Date: Written by: John Shanahan Directed by: Jill Buratto with Assistant Director Rob Lemire

Cast photoBe True Theater Company was formed by Saint Anselm Alumni
Katelyn Tustin,  Aimee Baker, Shannon O’Hearn, Christine Tardif, and Chad Boutin.

The intimate confines of Comiskey Theater were full to the brim with over 70 people for the performance of three one act plays by the new Be True Theater Company. The first play (A Charm of Powerful Trouble) was an original work written and directed by Kaitlin Burroughs, who also acted in the play along with Amanda O'Donnell, Chad Boutin, Katelyn Tustin (who was also assistant director) and Charles Hall, as the young actor who

disregards the superstition against saying "Macbeth" in a theater, with comedic and enlightening results. The dialogue was snappy and the action led us through the hilarious to the triumph of action over superstition as the "show went on.  
The second play (A Roadhouse in Arden by Philip Moeller) was directed by Shannon O'Hearn. The actors were Brain Kelley, Regina Frederico, Rob Lemire. Laura Foley, Katie McNamara as William Shakespeare, and Aimee Baker as Francis Bacon. Bacon and Shakespeare chase after immortality amidst a laugh inducing assortment of Shakespeare characters.
The third play (Bob's Date by John Shanahan and directed by Jill Buratto with assistance from Rob Lemire) provided a hilarious climax to the evening. In a scene reminiscent of Woody Allen's "Everything you ever wanted to know about sex," an assortment of internal characters guide Bob on his first date after a serious breakup. Katelyn Tustin plays memory, who comes in late to undermine poor Bob's performance with scenes from past failures. Christina Salerno plays Confidence and Melissa Tivnan, Emotion and Aimee Baker, Logic, all attempting to guide Bob on what portends to be a disastrous date. Rob Lemire, as Libido, played shirtless with a crash helmet on for an effect that resembled something in between an errant sperm and a phallic symbol, and Brian Kelly, who played Bull as a lovable but feckless fraternity boy, provided comic relief but were of little help to Bob. The surprise heroine turned out to be Nerves, played artfully by Amanda O'Donnell, who shows that it is vulnerability, and the courage to be open to it, that will put Bob back in the saddle.
The plays were well written, arranged nicely into a set, and the direction and acting were seamlessly natural and effective in providing a night full of laughs that left one feeling that one had learned something when the dust, and giggles, settled.

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