By Staff - Posted on 08 February 2011

The Shape of Diversity Community Mural Project is working its way to its conclusion this week and we need your contribution. Finish and contribute your image. You can complete it and bring it with you on Saturday.

imageThis image by Jenna Jarosz

We will be looking over the images people have contributed on Saturday and choosing those to be incorporated into the final mural. Make sure your image of what is important about our life as a community is seen and becomes part of our record of the project. The schedule of events this weekend is below along with the links to RSVP on Facebook.

If you've signed up for times to help this weekend don't forget to also complete an image and bring it with you.
Instructions for the image can be found here:

You just trace a photo or image you find emblematic of what a diverse community means to you at Saint Anselm and then color it in with schemes similar to those on the sample images. We've got the transparencies for tracing and the special crayons with the color palette we are using, so just let us know if you'd like to use them.

If you'd like to get together and work on your image during the day Thursday or in the early evening Friday contact us and we'll  set up a place to work with the materials. Don't let your vision go unseen or your voice unheard.

Here is the schedule for the last days and the unveiling.:

Last Chance! Mural Design Wrap-Up Session

Mural Design Presentation & VOTE!

PAINTING "The Shape of Diversity" Mural w/ Richard Haynes
Last Day! PAINTING the Diversity Mural
The Shape of Diversity Mural UNVEILING



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