By Jeremy M. - Posted on 21 May 2012

Alright everyone. I know the story is getting mad exciting. I'll tell you what happened next as soon as we get this business out of the way. Calm down. Its time for me to tell you of the Ten Tenets. Fuck yea alliteration. It starts with some philosophy, some self-reflection, and of course a good dose of delusion. So you would think that we would have discussed at some point what it meant to be a human in this new world, now that the end times had come and passed. You would have been only half right. The first thing we discussed on that path is what it meant to be a human back before the Red Dusk because the answers to both questions are actually kinda close. Human life in any situation is kinda like a haircut. You have to trim it constantly to get things just so and as soon as you solve a problem another set of hairs will grow in. It never stops. Unless you go bald, then I guess balding is death? I dunno. If I learned one thing the point is life will never be just perfect, although sometimes there are moments everything feels all alright. Shit, I say the phrase “If I learned one thing” “If we learned one thing” “If you learned one thing” entirely too much. Yes Kevin I know I love repeating myself, don't be a cock. Anyways bitches, there are two ways to live life, one is as the observer and the other is the doer. Most people are a mix of both. The reason I feel so redundant, feel the need to editorialize on my own thoughts and point out their redundancy is because I am mainly an observer. Most of my thoughts are stolen from observations of people or stories heard and modified. I am extremely self-conscious because of this. I spend so much time watching I hold the same standards of watching others to myself and assume others watch me, as much as I watch them. This is absurd. I'm not in their conscious which is an island of subjectivity. I take no titles as narrator of the Misguided Men.I am the observer to the doing actions of others. I am imitative/innovative rather than just innovative. I realize I just gave myself a title. Well fuck you. Deal with it. Nothing is perfect. Now, the way people lived before and after the End Times is somewhat the same. Some people observe and others do things. It is kind of like follower versus leader, but it is not entirely the same. The thing is that no matter the situation, human beings adapt to what their goals are, whether they are aware of those goals or not. Before the End Times people were concerned with status and money, these people lived in delusion of the objective things that exist. Others focused on religion or philosophy, aka the objective facts of the universe. Now, after the Red Dusk, we, the Misguided Men focus on delusion and ignoring the objective facts in our face. We have more in common with the moneylenders in the temple than with the Shepherd and His flock. The thing is though, the crazy part about us is that we are not ignoring the objective facts of the universe. Nay, We are not ignoring God and his angels or the Devil and his demons. No, we are fully aware of their existence and we push forward in delusion because the objective facts are so grim to our eyes. We choose to observe rather than do. We want to sit back and find some solution to our problem that more than likely doesn't exist or more importantly cannot exist! This is why we are Misguided. We are fully aware that God wants to offer us our onion. We are fully aware either side will gladly take us, yet we stay in the middle. The objective facts of the universe are thus: 1.God and the Devil exist, they are the prime executors of the universe however that works. 2.God is the objective truth of the universe. This is his system he created. 3.We do not want to go to God because his plan of perfect harmony stares us in the face. You see it's all about the children, just like Ivan said. If we go to heaven, God's Plan will be right in front of our faces. It will make all these struggles okay. It will make the abuse of children okay because we will have full perspective, full hindsight. We do not want this to happen. We do not want to see “the lion lie down with the lamb.” 4.Our rebellion is absurd because we are ignoring the objective way of the universe. We are as wrong as saying that 2+2 = 4 or that Jersey Shore is anything but awesome. 5.Even though our rebellion is absurd we choose to be Misguided. We choose delusion until we can find a solution. We preserve history to remember where we came from. To remember The Way Of Things. To remember the children. 6.We approve of alcohol as it helps stir up delusion. 7.The Misguided Men have no leaders nor are we communist. We just are. 8.Membership is open to Men as well as Women. We just like alliteration so the name is Misguided Men and these are the Ten Tenets. 9.The idea of the Road Trip, the Study Abroad, The Blackout life lesson are all important because they are formative life experiences. Even though its absurd to cultivate anything of ourselves, do it anyways. We'll figure this out eventually. 10.We'll figure this out eventually. Take a drink. “This is Water” What it meant to be a human back then, before the End Times is the same thing it means to be human now. We just have a little bit more knowledge. If the absurd wasn't apparent before, its fucking unmissable now. Take that.

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