By dnolan - Posted on 28 November 2011


tents searched
i slept with two blankets
no necesito
and prince slept with none
on some
laid by
kevin with one eye

the space for us has walls of air
and privacy is a favor done by not looking
the same white man
with a white beard
and carrying like a fisherman says
that common sense is expedient of tradition
and i hear him to my back left
by the benches where drummers stalk

you cannot
drink the same liquor

there is a ripple of beautiful heads
shaved balding oily chunks floral swipes
of brown torquiose golden hair
all flashing the sky's reflection
as they are
nodding at a call for politeness
nodding to the call of "it just is"
and the hair burns

that smell of eyebrows
the nicotine-stained curling of eyelashes
melting away from fire catching
the excess paper of a badly rolled cigarette
climbing above my nose

their heads burn in my eyes
as they call for cleanliness
as a well-slept Ms. whatever
with the latest running shoes
implores our people to fight against crack
and violence
and the red eyes of the affected are red
either with phallic righteousness
or chemicals
and none of us speak to the toxins
rising from our styrofoam plates
from the trucks painted by missionaries

and the air walls tell me he is looking for me
the radio tells me with suicidal poetry that he is looking
and my justification my love of solitude battles
my justification my love of humanity
and my love of humanity is torn by the loyalty of nature

now when skateboards smack down their wheels
i hear guns
and my nerves pick up


Janet sits in the right corenr.
Aldo nods, nods-
again- teeth- row- motuh and eyes
independent, rich,
give me many signs.
Why do you think?
or what tail can you see
to the second body of a lie?
Where did they meet?
Over the foster-care-jungle-
the incarcerarting desert?
What's the history of this place
with marble women leaning from knees-
looking up at
looking up to

When my neighbors start engines,
lightly let fall screen doors,
trip over the recycling
in the garage
not on the curb.

Venezuela had the second largest heavy oil reserves in the world
before the fire a man stood up,
claimed his 19 million from Hugo Chavez,

An idea for categories: health and food security (for whose sake do not concern)
Nueva Ethica Socialista
Approach from all this?
Shut... can we approach from all this?

Fact check. Drag. Heavy with water and dissappearing caffeine.

Evil. Charts. Iran. Saudi Arabia. America, you nail clippings
are still in the wounds.

What method/presentation/use of statistic/// can help counter?

I hung from a silver ribbon
tied to a latex balloon
still wet from the spit-
blew it like a trumpet over the promontory
dancing with mica

a spider.

I'm Venezuela trumpeting and shining red
along the webs
over Colombia
under Colombia
over Brazil
under Brazil
and beasts of happiness.


i trip on the wooden palates
that you call a porch

quick ideas are our watch dogs
breaking skin in playfulness

you smiled from under the same
snowflake patterned hat
and your hair which
stands whichways
is the only ballerina
in your
cracked cement
weeds coming up
a body escaping
a black trash bag
out of a trunk
into a ditch
toward the forest's chest

you walk where you've been
i am a ghost among believers
tossing pennies

graves are cigarette filters
mustard brown

bologna or grey peanut butter
there was a cross in my napkin
it pinched my lip
there is no recycling
my pockets are not shaped for
i keep them with holes
i cut out my pockets

my wrists are bleeding

i kiss my own knees
staying centimeters
heating the shack of my fallen head

when i leave it disappears
no one will be there

but they are waiting with
or death

the leash has no cat
the anarchists lost their child
give them whiskey
de sombre a sol

the acid pushes my forehead up
my pupils are turning into my skin
the world is breathing
the solid things are oscillating
at me
my hands are purple and old
they are bigger that my shoe

i thought your ukelele was an AK
i'm sorry for running
i thought you had a gun

you do have a gun and you gave it to me
tell me how i got here
what is the history of this place?

they call me for money
they call me and threaten me for money
i built a boat
from the dumpster
and read it while i sailed
to Ecuador

and when i came
they ripped out my piercings
pushed my shoulders down
and said i would believe
i spat in their face and ran to the bathroom

these walls make my tongue burn
the porcelain and marble
reflect artificial light
artificial light makes my stomach jump
so i turn to the toilet and
my body shuts off
the soft tissue paper
comes out in my vomit
i vomit all over the clean towels
all over the polished handles
in the candles
around the bath tub

i take the tags off the new towels
and pocket them
because i have no paper

no one is in the hall way
except the heavy boots
dragging a black stick against metal bars


wild smile
i saw you
i saw your foot skip a bit uneven
i saw you almost trip
my porch
the world is my porch
and i saw you stumble
i express my joy in silence
and am not afraid
as intervals of clanking
become wider
stopping before....
at my cave of knees

they tell me i'm not well
and to stand up straight
but i'm going to pass out
and when i pass out
they will charge me with...

the back of my head exploded
i am a cat


my feet are heavier when i walk with
the coasts of my mouth
crash up against my cheeks
and suspend a tear

in my head there is a village
half finished instruments lie tested in the common spaces
authors lie naked with authors who are also muses
and in the night
a group of rebels stand outside of the fire's light

that is the laugh that grows in me
an idea maybe
but a reflux from my heavy feet
delighted to play at overcoming

other's eyes are cement
in my air
a bag of cement decieves my back
i can carry a television
but not cement

the rebels come upon me unaware
i laugh with authenticity
an unquestionable laugh

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occupy yourself

take control

by giving in

to the task

at hand

give yourself

to the present


occupy time

as it


and only when you


where you are now

will you find



in the space you 




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