Shapes and Spaces--The Sketchbook of Kurt D. Hollomon

 This artist's sketchbook is just lovely! Thought those who are trying their hand at drawing might enjoy.


RLC AWARE's epic blog!

 Follow my RLC's new blog "Rosie's Rambles"! This will keep you updated on upcoming events, discussions and general thoughts on gender studies issues that we've witnessed!

check out Artist --> Clare Twomey

 An installation artist who works in clay - great stuff.


To quote Marc Curra "Why does someone laboriously construct a sculpture with the full expectation that it will be walked all over and destroyed? Not only that, but have it destroyed in a gallery which usually shows objects which are highly crafted and treasured for their physical beauty?" and find a company to sponsor such an expensive and transient statement.

Philosophy TV: Philosophers in debate

Philosophy TV. A new site that presents video of philosophers engaged in debate.


First installment is

Tamar Gendler (left) and Eric Schwitzgebel (right) on implicit associations and belief.

 The upcoming schedule looks great too.



Random images

  • Sept 2010 - Elsa Voelcker show-6.JPG - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • DSC02770.JPG - By: Sophie OReilly
  • 2010-Monadnock-6363.jpg - By: dbanach