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So What Did It Mean To Be A Human Back Then, In The Old Dayz (Days with a "Z" Because I Can)

Alright everyone. I know the story is getting mad exciting. I'll tell you what happened next as soon as we get this business out of the way. Calm down. Its time for me to tell you of the Ten Tenets. Fuck yea alliteration. It starts with some philosophy, some self-reflection, and of course a good dose of delusion. So you would think that we would have discussed at some point what it meant to be a human in this new world, now that the end times had come and passed. You would have been only half right. The first thing we discussed on that path is what it meant to be a human back before the Red Dusk because the answers to both questions are actually kinda close. Human life in any situation is kinda like a haircut. You have to trim it constantly to get things just so and as soon as you solve a problem another set of hairs will grow in. It never stops. Unless you go bald, then I guess balding is death? I dunno.

Take It Casually, A Story - Part One

Yo. Check it. Something I've been working on for awhile. This is as much as I'm willing to share so far.

Yo Dude, You're Just like Everyone Else


Jonny D Dialogue 4 - Yo Dude, You're Just Like Everyone Else


“Ya know I have all these abstract thoughts and big plans about apocalyptic conflict.”


“Yea, what about 'em?”


“Well, when it comes to writing, shit is never realized, I never get the feedback and shit, I just write words and they mean nothing the next day, where is the emotional involvement? Writing is just an excuse to drink tea or wine or something I think.”


“Thats bullshit, people love your writing, you're very talented.”


What You Need to Understand and Preferably Also Not Understand



I realized two days after the end before the beginning and upon subsequent completion the end was the beginning is the end. Words man, words say things, they open up a world of indefinite reality set upon vinyl to a record player of life. A side, B side, each has its qualities and each has its way of being. Can the tortoise shell glasses redeem the sacrificial lamb from its wrongs upon the hill of judgment? Can a semi-religious statement be made to seem like one come from the mouth of a non-believer? Mark off the prices of idiosyncratic Black Friday stores, raid them for their wares, for their solutions to ancient living. Turn statements and maxims on their heads and understand than going forth, that moving is preferable to standing still. Relativity doesn't apply here Einstein, understand this kind of statement too is funny because it confronts an expression. Understand wordplay might be more important than understanding, that the Black Forest contains secrets of mythological understanding set upon a pedestal of nothingness and lies. Understand that saying you are mighty fine and being mighty fine are one in the same. There is no lie at play here. The cliché goes that people always lie when they say “I'm fine” but in this case you should speak it truly. You are fine. You are alive. You are fine. You breathe. You are fine. You can eat a calzone and send that motherfucker down your throat, through your digestive tract and enjoy the crap out of it.

Enough Is Enough Creative Prompt

 Here's an opporunity to create. Saint Anselm is currently involved in Enough Is Enough, a campaign against bullying, violence, and abuse. As a collective effort, we were asked to produce some sort of artistic, literary or musical response to the mission this campaign has set forth.

Enough Is Enough has provided us with some information they'd like to convey. The boundaries are grey and the space is unlimited; do with this as you will. I'm excited to see what comes out of this!

The Seasons, How It Cames to This, How the Faux-Manifesto, My Mouth, and Good Faith Ended It, and Why Things Organized Neatly Proved Out to Be a Godsend


The Seasons


Repentance is something I thought I had long done away with. What I never realized is that it is a theme constantly replaying in my life. After undergoing the events of the past few weeks, I realize I have some serious atonement to do for past acts.


This summer I called it atonement by work. By working manual labor and beating myself everyday against the walls of houses with my paintbrush I found myself redeemed.

This Fall I have no clue what my atonement will be, all I know is I fucked up and its time to earn my forgiveness. The hard part about this season is I have no idea how to atone for what I have done. This is a new theme.


Seven Deadly Sins by Deana Del Vecchio

 Full Album
Seven Deadly Sins by Deana Del Vecchio

 This was an honors project for Philosophy 105, Nature and the Human Person

I am a sophomore Physics student who has a great appreciation for art and uses photography as a

means of expression.



Great Books Society: Harry Potter Book Discussion

Sep 29 2011 5:30 pm
Sep 29 2011 7:30 pm

Bradley House Lounge

5:30 Thursday the 29th

Food and Refereshments provided. 

"Happiness can be found even at the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Dumbledore

Pulitzer Prize Recipient and Poet Laurean Maxine Kumin

Oct 12 2011 7:00 pm

 Wednesday, October 12, 7 p.m., NHIOP Auditorium


An Excerpt of Something Not Read at Open Mic (Now With 100% More Pretentiousness, Long Titles, and Semi-Witty Asides!)

An Excerpt From My Fake Manifesto - A Manifesto of Non-Collective Bargaining, of Individual Expression, of Striding Forth, of Dealing With the Teleological-Suspension of the Ethical, of the End of Self-Reflection, Introspection, and Other “ion” Words


AKA – What a Philosophy Final Should Be


An Example of Why I Know Nothing


Words Written to Approximately Twenty Cups of Water and Big Band


by Jeremy Munro


2011 Philosophy Picnic/Softball Game Pictures

2011-Philosophy Picnic Full Album

Despite a 9-4 faculty lead going into the last inning, the students came back for a 12-9 victory.

death cab for... the culturally understood?

 when people ask me what my favorite band is, i have a hard time answering. i love cocorosie but explaining their style and how i listen to it is too difficult for a simple, shallow conversation. i also can’t answer with ‘the playlist whose title matches my mood’ because that’s too vague and precarious and never a nice thing to respond with. so i default to death cab for cutie. it’s weird hearing people’s opinions on them. sometimes they’ll laugh and remember how awesome and visceral those concerts were, or sometimes they’ll smile and breathe out a nostalgic “ohhhyeah!” and recall their older favorite songs.

Three Pictures of Humanity


Three Pictures of Humanity


by Jeremy Munro


# 1 – The Hipster




 this is what happens when i go home. tealuxe with an intelligent friend becomes a priority. and i'll take a gratuitous amount of photos there. and we'll get into arguments about poor life decisions and quality literature.

Podcast: "Whither Quantum Computing" by Barry Sanders

"Whither Quantum Computing"

by Dr. Barry Sanders
iCore Chair of Quantum Information Science at the University of Calgary

Presented at the Math Physics Seminar at Saint Anselm College, February 22, 2011.

The Slide Show that went with the lecture can be found here.
(Click with the mouse to advance the slides.)


Catch Me If You Can by Kimberly Martel



Catch Me If You Can



My life began in 469 BC,

in the ancient land of Athens, 

which gave birth to Western philosophy.

Conversing by the Coliseum is where I’d reside;

pondering life’s questions consumed most of my time.

I didn’t do this for money,

no my lessons were free;

I had little concern for material possessions nor the practice of sophistry.

The clever man can dazzle and appear to be what is not, 

though through the teachings of rhetoric,

truth is never taught.

Honest philosophy is uncomfortable;

it can judge us or force us to judge ourselves.

Ask yourself,

“What does it profit a man to have a keen understanding, but not live well?”

Sophia is my child whom I cherish, nurture, and love;

a virtue of the highest universal form,from the world of being, above.

I followed her beauty, though fellow citizens couldn’t understand;

claiming I was corrupting the youth,

they banned me from their land.

A purpose placed upon me by the mortal man,

no comparison,

to the guiding voice from within.

Rather than wandering, I acted out of honor,

making my telos to be remembered as philosophy's martyr.

Little did they know, their punishment, 

in truth, was my reward.

Ignorance of small minds restricts the soul from moving toward,

the only idea worth aligning with one’s focus;

the Good,

the flaming fire, which awoke us

and broke us out of the cave,

freeing our being.

We’re no longer appearances’ slave. 



Podcast: Duane Bruce, Heart Speaks to Heart: A Celebration of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Duane Bruce
Associate Dean of Saint Anselm College

"Heart Speaks to Heart: A Celebration of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman"

Presented at Saint Anselm College, November 30, 2010.

New Art Theater's production of Oedipus Rex at Dana Center this week only

Nov 2 2010 9:30 am
Nov 4 2010 9:00 pm

New Art Theatre in "Oedipus Rex" 
by Sophocles

New Art Theatre, a professional company dedicated to the performance of classical and innovative works, re-stages their critically acclaimed production of Oedipus Rex. The clarity and beauty of this contemporary translation by poet Stephen Berg and classicist Diskin Clay combines with New Art Theatre's dynamic array of visual and musical design techniques to capture the timeless power of Sophoclean drama for present day audiences in this greatest of all Greek tragedies, Oedipus the King.

Life in Hell

The most brilliant people--recognized or unrecognized geniuses--I have met, read, and admired don't hate God, their parents or the world, nor do they harbor disdain people at all (save maybe for rich people--that particular kind of rich people). They don't conform to any of the stereotypes portrayed in the cartoon in the first image, and despite an acute awareness of all that's wrong with the world, their kind eyes do not judge and do not scorn.  Now there may be people who do in fact match up more or less to these descriptions and ones like it by Matt Groening, but I wonder what bitterness in his heart led to such an unlearned, general critique of Modernity.


3:52am Honest Statement of Purpose

I started my statement of purpose too sterile, a poor reflection of my personality. It was formulaic, written too concisely, and I could not present the true value of philosophy in such a way. There was a change in my heart. It is this statement of purpose which may make or break me, and, if it is to break me, then my philosophical pursuits may truly be best exhibited outside further classroom walls.
I took a break from the application process to listen to some music. I decided to play Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. For me, philosophy is only truly found in questions of Being, questions of Subjectivity and Truth, the Metaphysical and Aesthetic pursuits. These were the thoughts running through my head as I listened to Beethoven’s 7th.

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