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A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.  (Robert Frost)
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Lacerating Lacerations.



There is a ghost outside my window.


With each passing day

Moving forward, never stopping

In every single way

Hopelessly losing, coming to acknowledge

What it means to be human.


Or at least, my own brand of humanity.


Lacerating Lacerations

The World Never Known

Underneath the very city you know,
Behind these brick walls
Hiding in back alleys
Rural streets
Are explorers.
Though they have not the courage of Drake
Or the arrogance of Cortez
They have the will of Magellan.
Creating and striving as they do
With only optimism to hold onto

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold (1867)



 By Samantha Glavin


I slip my toes in and out of my shoes

Rocking from foot to foot

My hand squeezing my elbow.


Time is my enemy.

Out of the Shadows by Dan Forbes

Out of the Shadows 


Out of the Shadows


Head down,

There was little warning.

She’d come to the forest edge

Where hot rays of sun,

 Eager to be felt,

Swallowed morning fog;


Musings On Day And Night Written on a Humid Night in Late September, Before a Massive Projected Letdown the Next Day.




Day and Night.

Two sides of a different coin.

One of optimism

Another of pure cynicism.


Watch is the sun rises

Pouring forth its light over the world

Look away as the moon radiates down

And the world is in shadow.


Walt Whitman Poetry Reading October 18 at 5PM in Bradley

Oct 18 2010 5:00 pm




Walt Whitman Poetry Reading

October 18 at 5PM in Bradley


Bring your favorite Walt Whitman poem and we'll read and discuss.


Food and Refreshments provided.

And your very flesh shall be a great poem. 





In the interlude between crisp fall breezes

The air rests warm and still

Amidst the tree trunks,

Suspended and suspending

Leaves clinging in wait

For the right moment

To tumble in the waning light.


Wait with me

In the grace of this


No longer fighting falling.

At the parabola’s peak,

Gravity suspended,

In this moment of



Breathe with the sighs of angels.

Cry with the tears of god.

Touch with your virgin fingers

The softer places of time.

Open the spaces between



Close your eyes to see.

Let go and hold

My hand.



Open Poetry Reading - Dublin, NH this Sunday night

Sep 19 2010 4:30 pm




Sunday, Sept. 19th

Del Rossi's Trattoria, Rte 137N, Dublin, NH 03444

4:30pm Social/Sign-up;

I Want to Die...


I want to fall off the world as it nods
in approval
and to cascade
with its wet
I want to die in a peal of laughter-
a sea of calcium studded apertures
at how simple
is truth.
I want to die in a fit of cognition
like a mortal
funneling nectar
on a Friday afternoon-
I want to die in crushing forgiveness
like a puppy
in an embrace of retarded truth
and as my brains dash out
both mice and men in a revelation of beauty
die too.

A Bad Fright. From Myself.

In the instant

I ran through that field

Oh what a great field it was

Overlooking a place of great men.


And saw the phantom spirits.

I turned around into the blackness

Oh the trees on the edge

Menacing and looming over.


They chased after me

I ran faster, clutching my key chain and backpack close

Oh useless items



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Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon: 9/25 in Amherst

Sep 25 2010 7:00 am

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon

Time:  7 am-???
Location:  The Emily Dickinson Museummarathon
Fee: none

This Is, Might Be, Probably, Isn't A Unique Time In Our History

The call goes out.

Its all coming down

The world order dissolving.

Chaos is here ladies and gentleman.


I say screw welcoming Chaos.

Its just a mature manifestation of unhealthy teenage angst.

Great Books Society: Wordsworth and Coleridge Poetry Reading

Sep 6 2010 6:00 pm

Great Books Society: Wordsworth and Coleridge Poetry Reading


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Goody Blake, The Thorn, and more.

Bring your favorite Wordsworth or Colereidge poem to read


Food (Baked Albatross?) and Refreshments (Water water everywhere) provided



Bradley House Lounge


Open Mic at Apotheca. August 20. 7PM

Aug 20 2010 7:00 pm
Apotheca Flower and Tea Shoppe Open Mic Night August 20, Tonight 7 p.m.!

We are hosting another open mic night Thursday from 7-9pm and are looking for poetry, acoustic artists, anything you'd like to share!

Dirty Feet

planted in the earth

moonlit gardens leave their traces

on my dirty feet

Pointless by Christopher O'Brien

Chris O’Brien
Wandering the endless road
Finding only dust
They trudge on eternally
But for some reason they care not
They bear the weight of the sun on their skins
Their bodies battered and bruised by nature
Yet still they care not
These are the lifeless masses
The truly disheartened
Those who live and die
Without a thought
They go through life without a cause
All see them with their pitiful eyes

Clips of Prof. Brown, Father Peter, Prof Koneiczka,and Prof. Kuehne Reading Sonnets at Shakespeare's Birthday

Clips of Prof. Brown, Father Peter, Prof Koneiczka,and Prof. Kuehne Reading Sonnets at Shakespeare's Birthday. April 23. 2010.

Clip 1: Prof. Brown

Clp 2: Father Peter

Clip 3: Prof Koneiczka

Clip 4: Prof. Kuehne

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